Easily transform Windows apps to cloud-native with Thriftly
build APIs with no extra coding required

An easy way to transform Windows apps to cloud-native

Transforming monolithic apps into a services-oriented architecture requires you to build APIs and manage data exchange. In other words, it makes your reengineering efforts incredibly complex.

Thriftly simplifies the process by eliminating the need to write extra code for building APIs.

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Challenges in going from Windows to cloud-ready

Complex reengineering

Breaking a monolithic app into microservices makes your transformation process more complicated

Lack of expertise

Many companies do not have programmers skilled in the re-development of an API-driven architecture

Need for hybrid cloud

On-premise systems must work seamlessly with new cloud apps, especially for ISVs who have to support both

Accelerate your app modernization project

Thriftly simplifies the transformation process by building the API for you and handling
the data interchange between the API and the client.

No extra code writing

Eliminate the need to build APIs from scratch: simply add a tag to turn your existing functions into APIs

Support multiple API types

You don’t have to choose one: Thriftly supports SOAP, REST, JSON-RPC, Thrift, and gRPC protocols simultaneously

Support any data format

Thriftly APIs support JSON, XML, and Binary formats, without you writing any extra code to convert structures

Building secure APIs is simple

Watch how easy it is to get started on your transformation process:

It’s easy to build secure APIs

Watch how easy it is to get started on your transformation process.

Thriftly provided us with an effortless yet sophisticated way to build an API, without changing anything in our existing codebase.
That let us go to market quickly with minimal investment.

Henry Sheldon, CEO | Freight Management Systems

Henry Sheldon

CEO, Freight Management Systems

Building APIs doesn’t have to be so hard.

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