If you can write a function,
you can build an API

Web APIs power our connected world. Thriftly allows developers to easily create fast, flexible web APIs.

Thriftly makes it simple for programmers of any level to transform existing functions into globally accessible web APIs.

Easy Development and Deployment

No matter whether you’re a C#, .NET, Java, or even DataFlex programmer, Thriftly can help YOU create a web API. Develop in the language you know, then use Thriftly’s simple platform to publish and deploy your web API.

One API, Multiple

Thriftly APIs simultaneously support JSON-RPC, SOAP, REST, and Thrift protocols, letting you connect to your API however you need. Additionally, you can serve your API using a variety of industry-standard transports and web servers.

global access to local data

Global Access to
Local Data

Thriftly’s region-specific servers and built-in API gateway provide secure global connections to your data. Enjoy optimal bandwidth and response times from anywhere in the world while trusting our gateway’s encrypted SSH connections to protect your API.

Part of Your Digital
Transformation Toolbox

Transform existing applications to connect to the Cloud and the Internet of Things, with minimal investment. Adding Thriftly to your Digital Transformation toolbox allows you to create an ever-evolving development platform that exploits emerging technologies.

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The Power of Thriftly

Thriftly transforms your business by allowing you to:

Modernize Legacy Apps

Thriftly circumvents costly code rewrites and application overhauls. Transform the critical pieces of your legacy applications into APIs, allowing simple, Internet-based access to your existing database and programs.

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Connect to the Cloud

Thriftly bridges the desktop world with the Cloud, allowing you to connect existing apps to the Internet of Things. Use Thriftly APIs to create new mobile applications and take advantage of cloud-based infrastructure.

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Automate Processes

Thriftly turns your data into a service, allowing you to automate and offload existing processes to APIs. Convert formerly manual tasks into easy, API-powered processes so you can focus on actual business needs.

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