Fact Sheet
Thriftly vs. Apache Thrift

Thriftly utilizes Apache Thrift, a scalable cross-language API development framework, to
enable cross-language compatibility.

Thriftly takes the benefits of Thrift and adds on more functionality for a
comprehensive multi-protocol, multi-language API development tool.

Apache Thrift thriftly.io

Multi-Language Support

With the Apache Thrift cross-language development framework, Thriftly allows you to build an API using many programming languages such as .NET, Java, and DataFlex, and be consumed by any mobile or desktop application.
.NET (C# and VB)
Apache Thrift thriftly.io

Multi-Protocol Support via HTTP or socket

Thriftly can work with many protocols needed by your application without changing the underlying code base, including SOAP, JSON-RPC, Binary, and Compact. Users of Thrift currently do not have SOAP or JSON-RPC capability.
Thrift Binary
Thrift Compact
Apache Thrift thriftly.io

Multiple Web Server Support

The Thriftly Server supports Apache, Microsoft IIS, NGINX, and more. DataFlex developers are now able to use their Windows applications with the LAMP stack (PHP/Apache/Linux) and its variants.
Microsoft IIS
Or No Web Server
Apache Thrift thriftly.io
Developer-friendly Features

Built-in API Testing framework

Thriftly’s built-in API testing framework allows agile development and testing. Back-end developers can test and refine API calls as they develop them, while front-end developers can immediately see the input and output without writing a line of code. Front-end developers find this more beneficial than documentation because they can immediately get a feel of what the call will be like because parameters and formatting of the request data are already built for you.

Built-in CORS

Cross-origin resource sharing (CORS) is a mechanism that restrict resources (e.g. fonts, JavaScript, etc.) on a web page to be requested from another domain outside the domain from which the resource originated. CORS support is built into Thriftly and allows seamless cross origin calls, making development easier.

Automatic port detection

Port set-up is configurable through the admin utility. If already running a service on a specific port, Thriftly detects it and automatically provides an error message.
Apache Thrift thriftly.io

Simple Management

Thriftly provides two simple administration interfaces. You can utilize the Microsoft Management Console (MMC) snap-in or a standalone administration interface. This GUI is used for creating the application pools, configuring the ports the applications are listening on, and controlling the service.
Microsoft Mgmt Console (MMC) snap-in
Standalone interface for custom management view
Apache Thrift thriftly.io

Simple Deployment

The development installer sets up everything you need for Thrifly. Full Apache automatic configuration and installation is included as an option for you to use. Overall, it has a very small footprint, packing all its capabilities into just 5 MB, which has minimal impact on overhead.
All inclusive in deployment installer
5 MB (minimal impact to runtime and development efficiency)
Full Apache installation included (optional use)
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