Accessing Thriftly JWT Keys Outside of Thriftly

If you need to validate your Thriftly JWTs on another server, you’ll need to download and access your JWT keys outside of Thriftly. To do so, you can export your Thriftly JWT keys to a .pem file from the JWT Configurations Maintenance window.

  1. If you haven’t already, run your application to launch the Thriftly Developer window. Then, select JWT Configs to open the JWT Configurations Maintenance window.

  2. From the JWT Configurations Maintenance window’s sidebar, select the configuration for which you’d like to export a JWT key.

  3. Select the Export Key button. The Export Keys window appears.

  4. Select the Export button located next to the key(s) you’d like to export as a .pem file. A window appears prompting you to specify the exported key’s file location and save your key.

Your exported key is now ready for use wherever and whenever you need it.