Installing and Licensing Thriftly Deployment

The Thriftly Deployment toolset is free to install and license and includes a free-forever trial activation, allowing you to deploy and test your Thriftly APIs with zero commitment.

Below, we’ll walk you through installing and then licensing Thriftly Deployment. After you’ve finished, you’ll be ready to begin configuring and deploying your APIs.

Installing Thriftly Deployment


Due to application licensing limitations, you cannot currently install Thriftly Developer and Thriftly Deployment on the same machine. So if, for example, you are an independent software developer responsible for both developing and deploying your APIs, you’ll have to install Thriftly Deployment on a separate machine, or on a virtual machine created inside your Development machine. We often install Thriftly Developer and Deployment within virtual machines when performing our own testing.

To install Thriftly Deployment:

  1. Go to and select the Try Thriftly Free button.

  2. If you don’t already have a Thriftly account, you must create one by entering your email, selecting Create Account, and following the instructions in the email you receive. If you already have an account, select the Log in link and log in to your account.

  3. From the Thriftly Portal’s Home tab, select Deploy Your Application.

  4. Select the Download button. Then, run the Thriftly Deployment setup.exe file.

  5. The Thriftly Deployment Setup Wizard launches to guide you through the installation process. Using the Wizard’s instructions, install Thriftly Deployment. As part of the installation, you must:

    1. Accept our license agreement.

    2. Choose where to install Thriftly Deployment. We recommend installing Thriftly Deployment at the default installation location: C:\Program Files\Thriftly Deployment Server.

    3. Install Apache and Visual C++ Redistributable x86.

  6. After the installation finishes, the Wizard presents you with the option to activate your Thriftly Deployment license. Clear the Activate License Now checkbox, as you’ll be retrieving and activating your license in the next set of setup steps below. Then, select Finish.

If you navigate to the Thriftly Deployment installation folder (which, if you accepted the default installation location, is C:\Program Files\Thriftly Deployment Server\bin), you should see these four newly installed applications (as well as a number of other files):


What It Is


The application you’ll use to configure, test, and deploy your APIs.


A program that routes requests to your APIs.


A standalone application that those deploying Java applications will use to deploy their application on the Thriftly Server. This replaces your Java application’s typical invocation of java.exe.


A troubleshooting utility that provides API debugging and performance information.

Installing Thriftly Deployment from the Command Line

Certain organizations may need to install Thriftly Deployment on their machines from the command line. For example, if you are an enterprise organization installing Thriftly Deployment on a Windows Server machine that does not include a GUI, you must install Thriftly Deployment on that machine from the command line.

To do so, transfer the Thriftly Deployment files to your machine, open the command line, and run thriftly-deployment-{currentversion}-setup.exe. You can use the /qn option to run the install silently, without any screen display, and the /l*v option to perform verbose logging during the install.

After installing Thriftly Deployment on a machine in this way, you must generate and run a PowerShell script that activates your Thriftly Deployment license and migrates your Thriftly Deployment settings to the machine. To do so, refer to the instructions in the Deploying or Updating Thriftly APIs Across Multiple Machines section.

Licensing Thriftly Deployment

Now that you have Thriftly Deployment installed, you need to license your instance of the application. Go back to the Thriftly Portal’s Deploy page and select Get a License. When the Your New License is Ready window appears, select Take a Look and:

  1. Select the portal_arrow_button_2 button found below your new registration code. Then, select Copy Regcode to save the code to your clipboard.

  2. Launch the Thriftly Configurator. To do so, open the Windows Start menu and select Thriftly Deployment Server. Then, select Thriftly Admin.

  3. The Thriftly Configurator window appears. Select Enter Reg Code.

  4. Paste your registration code into the Registration window’s Code field. Then, select OK. You should receive confirmation that your license activated. Select OK.

You’ve now activated your Thriftly Deployment trial license. Trial licenses provide access to Thriftly Deployment’s free-forever version, which includes:

  • One free API endpoint.

  • A single application pool with two processes.

  • The ability to make one API call per second, with a surge capability of five calls per second. If you exhaust the surge capability, you must wait five seconds before making your next call.

  • An up-to-32 KB limit on requests and responses.


After you’ve finished your initial testing and proof-of-concept phase, we recommend purchasing a Thriftly subscription, which provides additional endpoint, pool, process, and data transfer capabilities. To purchase a subscription, refer to the Purchasing a Thriftly Subscription section.

Now that you’ve installed and licensed Thriftly Deployment, you can begin configuring and deploying your APIs. To do so, move on to the Configuring and Deploying Your APIs section.