Configuring and Deploying Your APIs

Now that you’ve installed and licensed Thriftly Deployment, you can deploy the Thriftly APIs your developers created. At a high level, you’ll perform four steps to get your Thriftly API-containing application up and running, and your Thriftly APIs hosted on the Thriftly Server:

  1. You’ll deploy the application that includes your Thriftly APIs on the Thriftly Server (using the instructions in the Deploying Your App on the Thriftly Server section).

  2. You’ll add API endpoints that allow your application developers to communicate with your API (using the instructions in the Adding Endpoints section).

  3. You’ll run your application and view your API endpoints (using the instructions in the Running Your Application and Viewing Your Endpoints on the Web section).

  4. You’ll update your firewall to allow outside applications to communicate with your Thriftly APIs (using the instructions in the Updating Your Firewall to Allow Others to Access Your APIs section).

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